Wednesday, 17 April 2013

We can do it! Wednesday: Running

I have never ever been a runner, I was always the kid at school that never got picked for sports day, whenever I'm running for the bus with a group of friends I'm always the one at the back doubled over with a stitch, plus I'm a shorty and my legs are even shorter. Running has never been my thang. But since dropping out of University before Christmas and my panic attacks returning in a big way, I've been desperate for something to get me active and out of the house on my terms, and I think running might be it. Also they run in Silver Linings Playbook and if it will help me look like J Law I'm all for it.

I started off by buying some trainers (70% off at Sports Direct oh yeah) and doing a bit of googling about how to get myself going and found lots of people recommending various iPhone apps. The one I chose is called Get Running (couch to 5k) and it cost £1.99 but there are loads of free ones on the app store if you don't feel like splashing the cash. All you have to do is plug in your headphones, start the app and you'll hear a little lady in your ear telling you when to run, when to walk, plus some words of encouragement which is always nice.

You're encouraged to run 3 times a week, each week the amount of time you spend running slightly increasing. And I'm actually finding myself getting better! At the start of each new week I'm struggling to finish it and by the end I'm feeling okay about it, who'd of thought?! I had a bit of a set back when I went to Finland and couldn't really run in 2 foot snow, so when I returned I decide to start back on week 1 again, but I guess it doesn't matter too much as long as I'm actually doing it. The goal of this app is to get you running 5k without stopping in 9 weeks, although that seems slightly unrealistic to me but I'll see how I go!

My main problem with doing it is getting self conscious and embarrassed if I see other people on the street and my face is all red and sweaty, but I'm slowly gaining some confidence and learning to care less, which is a skill that will probably help me in other areas of my life. Also I try to run in the daytime when no one's around, that helps.

Anyway I'll see how I go, let me now if you have any tips for a newbie runner or if you're doing it too and we can give each other some moral support!

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