Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday Style: May Wish List

I finally broke my April spending ban yesterday and bought myself this dress from Topshop, which I hoped would quiet my inner shopping demon but all its really done is make me want to buy ALL THE THINGS. Maybe I should find an old rich man who will buy me things and satisfy my Topshop addiction, or ya know, maybe I could just earn my own money and buy myself stuff but where's the fun in that... Anyway these are the clothing items I would buy if I had moneyz but I don't so I can't.

Light Blue Casual Chambray Shirt - Topshop - £29 (I tried this on when I was buying my dress and it is SO SOFT)

Lola Lace Bell Sleeve Kimono - Boohoo - £20 (So I can satisfy my dreams of looking like I live in California/a fairy)

There's definitely a lot more but I think that's enough to be lusting after for the moment... and on a completely unrelated topic my birthday is only a short 2 months and 8 days away!

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