Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Somebody: Meghan Currie

I never really knew what to post in 'Sunday Stuff' as it felt too vague so I'm renaming it 'Sunday Somebody' so I can just talk about people who inspire/motivate me and are insanely cool.

I first discovered Meghan Currie last summer when I was starting to get in to yoga a bit more and was looking for some good youtube videos I could follow along to. I stumbled on some of her videos and immediately was obsessed, she basically films her yoga practice, speeds it up, adds some wonderful music and it ends up looking like this insane bendy dance. If ever I'm not really in the mood for yoga-ing I watch one of her videos and immediately I'm like YEAH! gotta be like Meghan Currie! She's definitely my yogspiration, (not thinspiration because that word sucks but I wouldn't mind having her bod...) watch some of her videos and be amazed!

Ahhhh so bendy, one day one day. She also has some weird hilarious videos that make me want to be her friend so she can cut my hair and help me do handstands and stuff, this seems like a very one sided friendship but if you're up for it Meghan let me know.

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