Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Travel Tuesday: Brighton

Last week Elliot and I trundled off to Brighton for some fun in the (rainy/windy) sun! Here is a snazzy little photo diary to document the experience...

Bein' cute in Snooper's Paradise

Ellz getting some interior design inspiration

Elementary, my dear Watson............

Brighton Pavilion

Being a reb


Stone throwin' throne stowin'


Snazzy anti-graffiti, made by cleaning parts of the wall

Gotta have a pier shot...

When I'm a millionaire I plan to buy a cute little multi coloured cottage in Brighton and furnish it with strange old things from Snooper's Paradise and walk my many dogs everyday on the beach and eat all of my meals in the vegetarian cafes and buy all of my clothes in the weird shops on the North Laine, very much looking forward to that...

1 comment:

  1. I'm fully serious - Brighton looks like the happiest place in the entire world! <3 (Sorry Disneyland!) I want to see the pier with my own eyes so so badly! It is stunning!

    Lost in the Haze