Monday, 10 June 2013

Music Monday: The XX

Well this album is a blast from the past, I remember when it came out and it was the weirdest and most exciting thing I'd ever heard (to be fair I think my music world had been a little sheltered until that point). I saw them live for free at the Itunes festival in Camden a few years ago and myself and my friend bought dodgy £5 t-shirts from some guy on the street outside which I like to wear to sleep in. Now I'm just reminiscing, listen to this album now please.

Personal faves from this album: VCR, Crystalised, Islands, Heart Skipped A Beat and Shelter... Oh wait now I'm re-listening to it I'm remembering that I love them all oh no. I'll leave it at that but listen to them all.

Their second album 'Coexist' is also really good, listen to that after you've listened to this.

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