Wednesday, 5 June 2013

We can do it! Wednesday: Knitting

At some point last year while clearing out my bedroom I found a load of knitting needles that I think belonged to my great grandmother and I thought 'hey why don't I learn to knit?!' so I asked my mum to teach me but she doesn't knit and if your mum doesn't know something then your only other option is to ask the internet. So I found this video below and watched it about 7000 times because I generally learn well from repetition; like a small child.

I'm sure this isn't the best video out there but this is the one that worked for me, however after I'd already got the hang of it I came across this site full of tutorials which might be a much easier way to learn if you're just starting out. I started knitting my scarf in November and it is now June and I'm just over halfway through so hopefully if I speed up a bit I'll be finished by next winter! I find knitting to be good if you're feeling stressed or if you're just a big ball of nerves like I am. A lot of people that are in to yoga are also in to knitting because it's the same kind of slow mindful action that calms you down and brings you back to the present (sorry to get all hippie on you). Here is my scarf!

I like that that photo gives the illusion that I am tall and the scarf is long, actually we are both short... happy knitting!

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