Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thoughts from Thursday: #7

  • OOPS. I guess blogging is more difficult than I thought, especially when you go from not blogging at all to attempting to blog everyday. Perhaps less frequent but more consistent blogging is the answer. Here's hoping!

  • June was such a stressful yet completely wonderful month and I'm incredibly grateful to have completed it and still be plodding along. I guess when an agoraphobe tries to do anything outside of the confines of their house it's going to be tricky but somehow I've come out of the other side of June with a job, a weekly counselling appointment, wonderful memories of trips to Amsterdam, Glastonbury Festival, parties, pubs, restaurants, concerts, and a smidge more self-belief; thanks June!

  • Pizza Express has a new gluten-free pizza option which I excitably ordered last night buuut... I give it a 3/10, soz guys.

  • This feels particularly relevant, thanks Wheezy!

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